Employment Lawyers

Five Things to Look Out for in Contracts of Employment

Starting a new job should be an exciting time, but before you rush to sign your new Employment Contract look out for a few common pitfalls which could cause you trouble further down the line:

  1. How long is the notice period which your Employer must give you to terminate your Contract?
  2. Is the notice period that you have to give your Employer the same, longer or shorter?
  3. Are there any restrictions in your Contract that could prevent you working in the same industry, or dealing with certain customers within that industry, after you have left the job?
  4. Is there a “gardening leave” clause in your Contract? This is a clause that means your Employer can insist that you remain in your job, but stay at home, usually for the duration of your notice period?
  5. Is there a clause allowing your Employer to force you to move your place of employment? This clause may seem harmless enough when you sign your Contract, but it can become very troublesome should your Employer decide it’s time for you to move!